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Art Class
Preschool Science Class

At Principal's List Preschool, we will use the Frog Street Learning Curriculum as our core curriculum for our four year old classes.  It contains research based, fun, hands on lessons that are thematic and encompasses literature even at these early ages.  Frog Street Press is one of the leading early childhood publishing companies in the nation for children books and resources.  We also will follow the Louisiana content standards for our 4 year old program.  All of our programs are approved by the National Association for the Education of Young Children and are developmentally appropriate.  Research shows that children who are exposed to reading at an early age excel at a faster rate throughout their school career.  We will read to our students often and expose them to literature based activities throughout the course of the day.  Our teachers will plan well for the week using set curriculums and all plans are approved by owners or directors.  Parents will be made aware of the week's theme by receiving a copy every Monday of the weeks plan. They can also print them from our website.




















At approximately 18-24 months, little ones are walking, dining on table foods, and are beginning to interact with their peers.  Our colorful, self-contained toddler room is the perfect setting, including areas for art and sensory play, dramatic play, and physical development, as well as free space to roam around in the room.  Music and a variety of interactive learning tools expand horizons even at this early age.  These students will also engage in our theme based units at their age appropriate level.  Daily notes will keep you informed about your child's progress.





Lessons for these students will be short intervals to keep them interested as they gain new skills and we prepare them for the education to come.  These children will have fun exploring centers throughout the classroom and will be entertained through dramatic play, music, dance and literature.  We will use our great thematic units with these age groups.






We are preparing these little ones for kindergarten.  Therefore, they  will be very busy learning all the essentials needed to advance.  The majority of their learning will be hands-on fun, interactive and will surround all facets of the curriculum that include reading, science, math, social studies and science.  They will engage in pre-writing and reading skills and will learn to interact with others as we teach them socialization skills they will need in everyday life.  They will use the Frog Street Press Early Learning Curriculum.





Our infant classes will be supervised by experienced personnel.  They will read to the babies daily, talk to them, show them flash cards, nurture them, play with them and just love them so much.  We encourage parents to have  pre-made bottles before arriving and labeled with the child's name.  We ask that you label everything sent.(Including: bottles, lids, formula containers, pacifiers, clothing..etc).  Your baby will also need a sleep sack.  Each child will have their own bed and sheets. All sheets are washed daily. 

We use the STEAM curriculum approach  for all of our ages!!  STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, ART, & Mathematics. STEAM preschool activities are designed to engage your child and stretch their thinking.

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