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Welcome Parent's to our Resource Center!

Here you will find an abundant amount of information that will be very helpful to you as a parent.  Whether, you're looking for a preschool for your child or your child is already enrolled in our centers.  You will have access to printable documents such as PLP Handbook, Registration packet, Lunch Menu, Event Calendar and a host of many helpful links that may guide you as your child goes through their wonderful preschool adventure.
  • They are familiar with us and our staff.

  • We have a certified Pre K.

  • Our curriculum is like no other in this area.

  • Our children score high on their kindergarten screenings after going through our program.  They are scoring in the 90% percentile or higher.

  • Our monthly tutition cost is lower than majority of other programs.  The cost of private can be a lot more once lunch and other activities are factored in.

  • We are open until 6:00p.m. which is a part of the monthly tuition.  Schools charge extra for care after 3:00p.m.

  • Four year olds are young and small and should be on a campus with other children like them.  Children in Pre K settings with older children seem to get lost in the crowd and feel intimidated.  They still need to be nurtured, hugged, and rely on us as adults.

  • Our children come to us with social skills needed and we teach them those skills in our younger classes.  Therefore we can teach them more academics so that they will be ahead of their class when they enter kindergarten.  The majority of Pre K classes in other schools spend 75% of their day teaching social skills through play centers leaving little to no time to focus on academics.

  • Our Pre K graduation is like no other.  It is held at the Lafayette Parish Public Library and parents are very emotional to see their babies graduate and grow up.

  • They will be challenged, loved, and hugged until they are released to Kindergarten.

Parent Resource Links

Why Preschool Matters

Are you trying to decide which program is right for your child. A high quality program is very important. Click on link below to get your questions answered.

Preschool Behavior Problems & Solutions

 Be prepared to respond to the most common behavior problems with effective discipline strategies to make sure these behaviors don’t last into the grade school years.

What Questions should you ask a Childcare Provider?

You like the location and agree to the established rate for child care. You're comfortable with the hours of operation. And you are informed about the licensing requirements and any accredition preferences. So, are there other things you should ask before deciding to place your child with a certain child care provider? You bet. Here are some key questions to consider before making this important decision

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